Key Issues

Priorities for Kansas

Service starts with listening and consistent citizen engagement. As your State Representative, that will be my focus. Our leaders must not simply be rubber stamps, but ask tough questions and ensure government is limited, efficient, and open. Here are my priorities:

    Kansas lags behind other states in economic growth, stifled by retroactive tax hikes. By enacting policies that unleash the private sector, well-paying jobs will be created and families will flourish.

    Families like yours and mine know how hard we work to put food on the table and make ends meet. Yet property, income, and sales taxes make that much harder. Let’s pursue reforms to ease that burden.

    Schools are successful when students are successful. Classroom funding towards teachers and students must be the priority, while allowing for innovation and new ideas that meet the needs of each child.

    Olathe and Spring Hill are rooted in deep community values such as faith, family, and freedom that must be preserved. As a resident of this area for over three decades, I am committed to fighting for those principles in Topeka.